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SAVE A FRIEND SPECIAL TODAY!!!!!!!! Pure Sweet™ is a natural sweetener that tastes like sugar with no aftertaste and zero calories. It’s proprietary combination blend of ingredients  does NOT spike blood sugar or insulin and also doesn’t promote tooth decay. It’s perfect for baking and  cooking  that it doesn’t change the texture or volume of your product. . Order Today and get FREE SHIPPING!!! ( Delivery time- 1-3 days)



PureSweet has the smell of cotton candy that takes you back to your childhood days at the local fair but a tooth-friendly alternative to sugar that will satisfy ALL of your sweet cravings, PureSweet™ looks and tastes like real sugar without the aftertaste that is present with other sweeteners!

Safe for diabetics, PureSweet™ contains Zero Net Carbs and will not spike your blood sugar or insulin levels.

PureSweet™ is NOT an artificial sweetener but rather a proprietary flavoring system derived from a natural sugar alcohol called erythritol, which is commonly found in many fruits and vegetables and our own proprietary Stevia Leaf extract made solely for us.  Erytrhitol and all ingredients in PureSweet™ have been authorized by the FDA as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

Do you like to bake? Well, unlike most alternative sweeteners, PureSweet™ measures and functions just like sugar, making it is easily implemented into existing recipes!  And as a result, PureSweet™ is great for baking and cooking, and is a wonderful option for diabetics, low carb dieters and anyone looking to reduce calories without sacrificing sweetness.



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